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Disposable Laboratory Coats

  • 28gsm lightweight Spunbonded Polypropylene (SPP) non-woven material
  • Protection from non hazardous dry particle and water based liquid sprays and splashes
  • Elasticated wrists
  • Velcro front closure
  • Single collar design
  • Suitable for food and medical use



Code Name UOM 0 - 4 Qty5+ Qty Order Qty
W5831Disposable Laboratory Coats White - Sz: 3X Large (50/ctn)CARTON$100.05$95.05
W5830Disposable Laboratory Coats White - Sz: X Large (50/ctn)CARTON$100.05$95.05
W5833Disposable Laboratory Coats Blue - Sz: 3X Large (50/ctn)CARTON$100.05$95.05
W5832Disposable Laboratory Coats Blue - Sz: X Large (50/ctn)CARTON$100.05$95.05