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Mediq Eyewash Station

  • Easily wall mounted in proximity to the workplace
  • Available in either an enclosed plastic cabinet or open with mirror
  • Visible & ready for use
  • Ensures quick & efficient eye irrigation
  • Mediq saline eye wash contains a 0.9% sodium chloride solution that corresponds to the natural salt content of the eye fluid
  • This isotonic solution is suitable for rinsing the eyes as a first aid measure after an accident
  • Effective eyewash for removal of dust, dirt & contamination in the eyes
  • Easily manageable bottles
  • User-friendly design allows for bottles to be quickly opened with a single hand
Code Name UOM 1 + Qty Order Qty
W5860Mediq Eyewash Station Open with MirrorEACH$43.50
W5861Mediq Eyewash Station Enclosed Plastic CabinetEACH$62.64
W5862Mediq Eyewash Station Replacement Solution - 500mlEACH$10.50