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Spray Ink

  • Specially formulated for stencil applications
  • Toluene-free formula
  • Fast drying and fade resistant paint
  • Covers Over Tan spray is ideal for spraying kraft cardboard cartons to cover writing and printing to give your despatched goods a clean presentation.



Code Name UOM 0 - 23 Qty24+ Qty Order Qty
W8050Dy-Mark Spray Ink Yellow 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8047Dy-Mark Spray Ink Red 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8048Dy-Mark Spray Ink Blue 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8049Dy-Mark Spray Ink Green 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8051Dy-Mark Spray Ink Orange 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8052Dy-Mark Spray Ink Brown 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8053Dy-Mark Spray Ink White 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8054Dy-Mark Spray Ink Covers Over Tan 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22
W8055Dy-Mark Spray Ink Black 315g (12/ctn)CAN$12.54$12.22