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Dangerous Goods Labels

  • Helps identify if shipped items are dangerous or hazardous goods
  • Several different prints available to suit various applications
  • Self Adhesive label supplied on a roll
  • Label size – 100mm x 100mm
  • Different sizes available on request
Code Name UOM 0 - 9 Qty10+ Qty Order Qty
W6127DG Label - Corrosive 8 White/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60

DG Label - Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods 9 Black/White Stripe (500/rll)

W6128DG Label - Dangerous Goods Orange/Black Stripe (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6124DG Label - Flammable Liquid 3 Red/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6123DG Label - Flammable Gas 2 Red/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6122DG Label - Flammable Solid 4 Red/White Stripe (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6120DG Label - Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Gas 2 Green/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6125DG Label - Oxidising Agent 5.1 Yellow/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6121DG Label - Oxidising Gas 2 Yellow/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60
W6126DG Label - Toxic 6 White/Black (500/rll)ROLL$96.00$93.60