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Optima Mechanics Glove

  • Force360’s exclusive Enduro fabric gives assured quality, 0.8mm thickness, colour fastness and exceptional abrasion resistance
  • 4 Way Spandex is used in this glove construction allowing complete hand movement and flexibility
  • Force360’s 2.5mm Neosorb padding is strategically placed to absorb vibrations and improve grip when using hand and power tools
  • Only selected materials that allow air flow are used to ensure 360 degree air circulation and enhanced breathability
  • UPF50+ offering maximum sun protection
  • Reinforced double stitching for increased durability
  • The Velcro closure allows the glove to be securely fastened ensuring a snug fit that reduces glove movement on the hand
  • The ID area allows the wearer to mark their gloves with their name for easy ownership recognition or add an issue date for usage monitoring



Code Name UOM 0 - 71 Qty72+ Qty Order Qty
W5414Optima Mechanics Glove - Sz: 2X Large (72/ctn) 12/packPAIR$27.34$25.97
W5412Optima Mechanics Glove - Sz: Large (72/ctn) 12/packPAIR$27.34$25.97
W5411Optima Mechanics Glove - Sz: Medium (72/ctn) 12/packPAIR$27.34$25.97
W5410Optima Mechanics Glove - Sz: Small (72/ctn) 12/packPAIR$27.34$25.97
W5413Optima Mechanics Glove - Sz: X Large (72/ctn) 12/packPAIR$27.34$25.97