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Manilla Shipping Tags

  • Helps identify shipping details for a product
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Manilla colour allows tags to be easily written on and read
  • Tags can be supplied pre-strung if required
  • Tags come with a reinforced eyelet for extra strength
Code Name UOM 0 - 9 Qty10+ Qty Order Qty
W6080Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 1) 70mm x 35mm (1,000/box)BOX$28.36$26.94
W6083Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 4) 108mm x 54mm (1,000/box)BOX$40.32$38.31
W6084Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 5) 120mm x 60mm (1,000/box)BOX$58.20$56.74
W6081Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 2) 82mm x 41mm (1,000/box)BOX$30.62$29.09
W6082Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 3) 96mm x 48mm (1,000/box)BOX$34.50$32.77
W6085Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 6) 134mm x 67mm (1,000/box)BOX$49.80$47.33
W6086Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 7) 146mm x 73mm (1,000/box)BOX$56.76$53.90
W6087Manilla Shipping Tags (Size 8) 160mm x 80mm (1,000/box)BOX$58.78$55.85