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Hard Hats

  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Colours can designate a certain job or location
  • Lightweight
  • 9 air vents
  • 6 point pin lock harness

    Manufactured to: AS/NZS1801 – SAI Global certified LIc. 20500

Code Name UOM 0 - 19 Qty20+ Qty Order Qty
W5207Hard Hat Vented - Fluro YellowEACH$17.54$16.67
W5204Hard Hat Vented - BlueEACH$17.54$16.67
W5206Hard Hat Vented - BlackEACH$17.54$16.67
W5208Hard Hat Vented - Fluro WatermelonEACH$17.54$16.67
W5205Hard Hat Vented - GreenEACH$17.54$16.67
W5201Hard Hat Vented - OrangeEACH$17.54$16.67
W5203Hard Hat Vented - RedEACH$17.54$16.67
W5200Hard Hat Vented - WhiteEACH$17.54$16.67
W5202Hard Hat Vented - YellowEACH$17.54$16.67