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Builders Film

  • Available in black or clear
  • Also comes in different widths and thicknesses to suit various applications
Code Name UOM 0 - 9 Qty10 - 29 Qty30+ Qty Order Qty
W1141Builders Film - Black 2m x 200m x 50umROLL$78.38$76.42$72.60
W1142Builders Film - Black 2m x 100m x 100umROLL$78.38$76.42$72.60
W1145Builders Film - Black 4m x 50m x 200umROLL$170.04$165.79$157.49
W1151Builders Film - Clear 2m x 200m x 50umROLL$176.00$171.60$163.02
W1152Builders Film - Clear 2m x 100m x 100umROLL$108.10$105.38$100.13
W1153Builders Film - Clear 2m x 50m x 200umROLL$108.10$105.38$100.13
W1154Builders Film - Clear 4m x 100m x 100umROLL$280.00$273.00$266.00
W1143Builders Film - Black 2m x 50m x 200umROLL$89.38$87.15$82.79
W1144Builders Film - Black 4m x 100m x 100umROLL$151.87$148.07$140.68