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Poly Woven Bags

  • Lightweight material but strong
  • Water Resistant
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various applications
  • A good option to close these bags is with cable ties or wire ties
  • MOQ = 200 bags
Code Name UOM 0 - 999 Qty1000+ Qty Order Qty
W1200Poly Woven Bag White - 455mm x 305mmEACH$0.52$0.47
W1201Poly Woven Bag White - 635mm x 380mmEACH$0.63$0.58
W1202Poly Woven Bag White - 660mm x 455mmEACH$0.74$0.70
W1203Poly Woven Bag White - 760mm x 455mmEACH$1.56$1.52
W1204Poly Woven Bag White - 865mm x 510mmEACH$1.40$1.37
W1205Poly Woven Bag White - 915mm x 560mmEACH$1.80$1.40
W1206Poly Woven Bag White - 1090mm x 610mmEACH$1.89$1.24
W1207Poly Woven Bag White - 1220mm x 760mmEACH$2.06$1.45
W1208Poly Woven Bag Blue/White - 865mm x 510mm UV StabilisedEACH$1.08$1.01

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