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Stick Chalk

  • For temporary marking of most surfaces
  • Perfect for use on steel, concrete and timber surfaces
  • Manufactured under high pressure to create a longer lasting product
  • Available in several colours
  • Stick size = 20mm x 70mm
Code Name UOM 0 - 2 Qty3+ Qty Order Qty
W8320Stick Chalk Black (42/ctn)CARTON$137.15$130.31
W8322Stick Chalk Blue (42/ctn)CARTON$137.15$130.31
W8323Stick Chalk Dark Blue (42/ctn)CARTON$137.15$130.31
W8326Stick Chalk Fluro Orange (42/ctn)CARTON$163.15$155.00
W8324Stick Chalk Green (42/ctn)CARTON$137.15$130.31
W8321Stick Chalk Red (42/ctnCARTON$137.15$130.31
W8325Stick Chalk Yellow (42/ctn)CARTON$137.15$130.31