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Polythene Tubing

  • Available in a range of widths and thicknesses to suit most applications
  • Makes it easier to pack overlength products
  • A good way to seal tubing is with a heat sealer or cable ties
  • LDPE Clear Material
Code Name UOM 0 - 49 Qty50 - 99 Qty100+ Qty Order Qty
W1127Polythene Tubing - 100mm x 100um (10kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1128Polythene Tubing - 150mm x 100um (10kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1120Polythene Tubing - 150mm x 38um (10kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1123Polythene Tubing - 150mm x 50um (10kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1126Polythene Tubing - 150mm x 75um (10kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1121Polythene Tubing - 200mm x 38um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1124Polythene Tubing - 200mm x 50um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1129Polythene Tubing - 250mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1130Polythene Tubing - 300mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1131Polythene Tubing - 350mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1122Polythene Tubing - 350mm x 38um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1132Polythene Tubing - 450mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1125Polythene Tubing - 450mm x 50um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1133Polythene Tubing - 500mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55
W1134Polythene Tubing - 600mm x 100um (25kg/rll)KILOGRAM$11.39$11.10$10.55

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