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Protection Tape

  • Protect surfaces (e.g. Window Frames) from damage and scratches during installation
  • Low tack adhesive allows the tape to be removed easily from most surfaces
  • Available in different widths to suit various applications 
Code Name UOM 0 - 143 Qty144+ Qty Order Qty
W4090Protection Tape Black - 18mm x 66m (48/ctn)ROLL$4.20$3.97
W4091Protection Tape Black - 24mm x 66m (36/ctn)ROLL$5.58$5.18
W4092Protection Tape Black - 36mm x 66m (24/ctn)ROLL$8.38$7.95
W4093Protection Tape Black - 48mm x 66m (24/ctn)ROLL$10.54$10.01
W4094Protection Tape Black - 72mm x 66m (12/ctn)ROLL$14.79$14.05
W4095Protection Tape Black - 96mm x 66m (12/ctn)ROLL$19.72$18.73