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Polythene Bags

  • Available in different sizes to suit various requirements
  • 38um through to 100um thickness
  • Clear LDPE material
  • Suitable for packing food items
  • Ask us about customized sizes and printed polythene bags
Code Name UOM 0 - 9 Qty10+ Qty Order Qty
W1066Polythene Bags - 150mm x 100mm x 100um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$71.43$64.29
W1050Polythene Bags - 150mm x 100mm x 38um (1,300/pkt)PACKET$28.60$27.17
W1051Polythene Bags - 175mm x 125mm x 38um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$56.19$50.59
W1052Polythene Bags - 200mm x 150mm x 38um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$62.61$56.34
W1061Polythene Bags - 200mm x 150mm x 75um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$90.70$81.63
W1053Polythene Bags - 250mm x 200mm x 38um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$76.91$69.22
W1062Polythene Bags - 250mm x 200mm x 75um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$172.49$155.25
W1067Polythene Bags - 300mm x 200mm x 100um (1,000/ctn) CARTON$118.84$107.01
W1054Polythene Bags - 300mm x 250mm x 38um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$113.36$102.02
W1063Polythene Bags - 300mm x 250mm x 75um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$122.73$110.47
W1058Polythene Bags - 375mm x 225mm x 50um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$175.77$158.20
W1068Polythene Bags - 400mm x 260mm x 100um (500/ctn) CARTON$104.64$102.02
W1055Polythene Bags - 400mm x 300mm x 38um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$176.75$159.07
W1059Polythene Bags - 400mm x 300mm x 50um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$111.77$100.61
W1064Polythene Bags - 450mm x 300mm x 75um (500/ctn) CARTON$90.63$81.58
W1056Polythene Bags - 450mm x 350mm x 38um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$111.67$100.51
W1060Polythene Bags - 500mm x 300mm x 50um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$144.78$130.31
W1069Polythene Bags - 600mm x 300mm x 100um (250/ctn)CARTON$85.58$77.02
W1057Polythene Bags - 600mm x 450mm x 38um (500/ctn) CARTON$97.09$87.38
W1070Polythene Bags - 750mm x 450mm x 100um (250/ctn) CARTON$134.43$124.09
W1065Polythene Bags - 900mm x 600mm x 75um (250/ctn) CARTON$166.90$162.72