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Corpro Respirator Filter Range

  • Patented ‘Easy-On’ filter connection helps users securely mount filters onto their mask from any orientation with ease
  • Ultra low breathing resistance created using twin inhale valves and low pressure-drop filters
  • Swept-back filter position offers an unobstructed field of view
  • Reference the below PDF information for further technical information on the Corpro filter range



Code Name UOM 0 - 14 Qty15+ Qty Order Qty
W5072Corpro P 3R Particulate Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$28.52$27.10
W5077Corpro A1P3 R D  Organic Vapor & Particulate Combination Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$36.96$35.11
W5080Corpro ABEK1P3 R D  Organic & Inorganic Vapour, Acid Gas, Ammonia & Particulate Combination Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$61.60$58.52
W5073Corpro A1 Organic Vapour Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$30.28$28.77
W5075Corpro ABE1 Organic & Inorganic Vapor & Acid Gas Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$33.84$32.15
W5079Corpro ABE1P3 R D  Organic & Inorganic Vapour, Acid Gas & Particulate Combination Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$47.52$45.15
W5076Corpro ABEK1 Organic & Inorganic Vapor, Acid Gas & Ammonia Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$51.92$49.33
W5074Corpro A2 Organic Vapour Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$31.46$29.88
W5078Corpro A2P3 R D  Organic Vapor & Particulate Combination Filter (1pr / pkt)PACKET$41.62$39.54

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