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Thorzt Cooling Ties

  • Assists in preventing heat stress to the body by helping to cool the bodies core temperature
  • The neck ties hold polymer crystals which can hold up to 500 times their own weight in water – with no dripping!
  • Submerge the tie in water for 5 – 10 minutes then place around the neck, head or wrist
  • Ties can be reused and cooling can last for hours once the crystals have absorbed the water and been cooled
  • Available in Royal Blue or Black
Code Name UOM 0 - 19 Qty20+ Qty Order Qty
W5681Thorzt Cooling Tie - Black (20/pkt)EACH$7.96$7.55
W5680Thorzt Cooling Tie - Royal Blue (20/pkt)EACH$7.96$7.55