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Rubber Bands

  • Made from 97% pure rubber
  • Bands are stronger yet lighter than other bands on the market, which allows for more bands per 500gm bag
    Rubber Band Sizing:
    Size 18 – 1.5mm x 75mm
    Size 30 – 3mm x 50mm
    Size 34 – 3mm x 100mm
    Size 64 – 6mm x 90mm
Code Name UOM 0 - 39 Qty40+ Qty Order Qty
W10170Rubber Bands - Sz:18 (500gm/bag)BAG$9.22$8.75
W10171Rubber Bands - Sz:30 (500gm/bag)BAG$9.22$8.75
W10172Rubber Bands - Sz:34 (500gm/bag)BAG$9.22$8.75
W10173Rubber Bands - Sz:64 (500gm/bag)BAG$9.22$8.75