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Prosense Maxipro Glove

  • Seamless 15 gauge, nylon fused Lycra Shell
  • Palm dipped nitrile / water based PU foam coating
  • Dip provides additional back of hand protection
  • Dip enhances gripping power in wet & dry conditions without sacrificing dexterity
  • Can be used with touch screens
Code Name UOM 0 - 119 Qty120+ Qty Order Qty
W5374Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 10 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39
W5375Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 11 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39
W5370Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 6 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39
W5371Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 7 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39
W5372Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 8 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39
W5373Prosense Maxipro Glove - Sz: 9 (120/ctn) 12/packPAIR$4.50$4.39