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Steel Strapping Combination Tool – A333/A335

  • Lightweight sealless combination tool to strap flat packages
  • The sealless joint reduces the overall strapping costs by approx. 10% through the elimination of seals
  • Thanks to it’s weight of just 3.9kg only, it is very suitable for horizontal applications
  • As a general rule the seal efficiency is higher than joints using a seperate seal
           A333 – designed for use with regular duty steel strap
           A335 – designed for use with hi tensile steel strap



Code Name UOM 0 - 2 Qty3+ Qty Order Qty
W2078Steel Strapping Combination Tool - A333 16mmEACH$2,259.00$2,202.53
W2079Steel Strapping Combination Tool - A333 19mmEACH$2,259.00$2,202.53
W2080Steel Strapping Combination Tool - A335 16mmEACH$2,293.47$2,178.80
W2081Steel Strapping Combination Tool - A335 19mmEACH$2,293.47$2,178.80