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Glide Safety Specs

  • Certified medium impact rated protection to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010
  • Diamond Tech Hardcoat provides extreme scratch resistance and resists acid and solvent degradation
  • HydroTech AF is a washable hydrophilic based coating providing an anti-static finish that repels dusts and particles and prevents fog forming on the lens, the ideal coating for hot and humid conditions
  • Base 9.5 curve provides excellent optical clarity and an extended wrap for increased side protection
  • Flat side arms allow earmuffs and other PPE to be worn comfortably with the safety spectacle
  • Premium non slip TPR is used to create Force360’s Comfort Side Arms. This co-moulded feature reduces pressure and wearer fatigue.
  • Force360 utilizes Flex Bridge technology, the softest shape memory material that flexes and moulds to shape, for all day comfort
  • Made from 100% durable and resilient polycarbonate
  • Connection point for spec cord or lanyard
  • Universal nose bridge that suits most faces



Code Name UOM 0 - 47 Qty48 - 143 Qty144+ Qty Order Qty
W5015Glide Safety Spec Clear (12/box)EACH$9.07$8.84$8.38
W5016Glide Safety Spec Smoke (12/box)EACH$9.07$8.84$8.38
W5017Glide Safety Spec Dark Brown (12/box)EACH$9.58$9.34$8.87
W5018Glide Safety Spec Silver Mirror (12/box)EACH$9.07$8.84$8.38