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Self Seal Bags

  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various applications
  • Quality press seal
  • Made from LDPE clear material
Code Name UOM 0 - 4 Qty5 - 9 Qty10+ Qty Order Qty
W1076Self Seal Bags - 100mm x 75mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$22.66$22.09$20.99
W1077Self Seal Bags - 125mm x 75mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$17.60$17.16$16.30
W1078Self Seal Bags - 150mm x 100mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$37.75$36.80$34.96
W1079Self Seal Bags - 200mm x 125mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$66.40$64.74$63.08
W1082Self Seal Bags - 250mm x 200mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$92.50$90.18$85.67
W1083Self Seal Bags - 305mm x 230mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$110.00$107.25$101.88
W1084Self Seal Bags - 380mm x 280mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$149.16$145.43$138.16
W1080Self Seal Bags - 230mm x 150mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$56.50$55.08$52.33
W1085Self Seal Bags - 405mm x 335mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$186.33$181.67$172.59
W1075Self Seal Bags - 75mm x 50mm (1,000/ctn)THOUSAND$7.14$6.96$6.61