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Graphex Infinity

  • 21-gauge Graphex cut resistant yarn with excellent dexterity for precision tasks
  • Polyurethane coating provides a positive wet and dry grip and resists oil degradation
  • Touch Screen friendly
  • Silicone and fibreglass free construction
  • Actifresh treated to inhibit odours and bacteria
  • 360 degree breathability
  • UPF50+ offering maximum sun protection
Code Name UOM 0 - 143 Qty144+ Qty Order Qty
W5594Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: 2X Large (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72
W5595Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: 3X Large (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72
W5592Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: Large (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72
W5591Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: Medium (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72
W5590Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: Small (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72
W5593Graphex Infinity Glove - Sz: X Large (144/ctn) 12/packPAIR$23.92$22.72