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Vacuum Pouches

  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various requirements
  • Made from 70um co-ex food grade material
  • Other sizes are available – ask one of our customer service team should you need another size
Code Name UOM 0 - 4 Qty5+ Qty Order Qty
W11512Vacuum Pouch - 350mm x 250mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$190.40$185.64
W11505Vacuum Pouch - 200mm x 150mm x 70um (2,000/ctn)CARTON$121.50$115.42
W11508Vacuum Pouch - 300mm x 165mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$119.60$116.61
W11507Vacuum Pouch - 250mm x 190mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$110.70$105.16
W11509Vacuum Pouch - 300mm x 190mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$137.00$133.57
W11514Vacuum Pouch - 400mm x 210mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$179.80$175.30
W11511Vacuum Pouch - 300mm x 245mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$159.80$155.80
W11518Vacuum Pouch - 550mm x 250mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$149.60$145.86
W11515Vacuum Pouch - 400mm x 300mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$261.00$254.47
W11520Vacuum Pouch - 600mm x 300mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$211.60$206.31
W11516Vacuum Pouch - 450mm x 350mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$171.20$166.92
W11519Vacuum Pouch - 550mm x 370mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$218.80$213.33
W11517Vacuum Pouch - 500mm x 400mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$215.60$210.21
W11521Vacuum Pouch - 600mm x 400mm x 70um (500/ctn)CARTON$257.40$250.96
W11506Vacuum Pouch - 250mm x 175mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$102.00$96.90
W11510Vacuum Pouch - 300mm x 210mm x 70um (1,000/ctn)CARTON$133.00$126.35