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Corpro Half Face Respirator

  • Patented ‘Easy-On’ filter connection helps users securely mount filters onto their mask from any orientation with ease
  • Global fit profile created using anthropometric data resulting in three fit profiles – Small (111g), Medium (116g), Large (117g)
  • Ultra low breathing resistance created using twin inhale valves and low pressure-drop filters
  • Adjustable strap system offers ease of use and a secure balanced fit
  • Optimal centre of gravity enables the mask to feel lighter when worn
  • Fully maintainable with easy access to parts for pre-doning checks and part replacement
  • Swept-back filter position offers an unobstruction field of view
  • Integrates with existing PPE
  • Designed for prolonged use
  • Reusable through sterilisation procedure



Code Name UOM 0 - 26 Qty27+ Qty Order Qty
W5097Corpro Half Face Respirator - Sz: LargeEACH$39.92$37.76
W5096Corpro Half Face Respirator - Sz: MediumEACH$39.92$37.76
W5095Corpro Half Face Respirator - Sz: SmallEACH$39.92$37.76

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