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Padded Paper Mailing Bag

  • Lightweight mailing bag made up of a kraft paper exterior and bubble lining
  • Ensures postage costs are kept to a minimum
  • The tough kraft paper outer in conjunction with a tamper-evident seal also ensures that this mailing bag will stand up to the rigors of the general mailing cycle
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various applications
Code Name UOM 0 - 4 Qty5 - 9 Qty10+ Qty Order Qty
W3170Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 230mm x 150mm (300/ctn)CARTON$124.58$121.46$115.40
W3171Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 280mm x 215mm (100/ctn)CARTON$90.08$87.82$83.43
W3172Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 345mm x 240mm (100/ctn)CARTON$105.23$102.60$97.46
W3173Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 380mm x 265mm (100/ctn)CARTON$115.79$110.01$104.52
W3174Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 380mm x 315mm (100/ctn)CARTON$138.53$135.06$128.34
W3175Padded Paper Mailing Bag - 485mm x 360mm (50/ctn)CARTON$99.78$97.27$92.41