• Available in a range of sizes & thicknesses to suit various requirements
  • Bin liners can be supplied in either white or black (depending on size)
  • Available in either HDPE or LDPE material
  • LDPE liners are stronger & suitable for more heavy duty requirements
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Code Name UOM 1 - 4 Qty 5 + Qty Order QTY  
W1170 Bin Liner 18L HDPE White 540mm x 450mm (50/roll) 1,000/ctn CTN $37.78 $ 35.89
W1171 Bin Liner 28L HDPE Black 650mm x 510mm (50/roll) 1,000/ctn CTN $46.66 $ 44.32
W1172 Bin Liner 28L HDPE White 650mm x 510mm (50/roll) 1,000/ctn CTN $46.66 $ 44.32
W1173 Bin Liner 36L HDPE Black 680mm x 590mm (50/roll) 1,000/ctn CTN $55.13 $ 52.37
W1174 Bin Liner 36L HDPE White 680mm x 590mm (50/roll) 1,000/ctn CTN $55.13 $ 52.37
W1175 Bin Liner 56L HDPE Black 900mm x 630mm (50/pkt) 500/ctn CTN $57.78 $ 54.89
W1176 Bin Liner 72L HDPE Black 900mm x 760mm (50/pkt) 500/ctn CTN $64.00 $ 60.80
W1177 Bin Liner 120L HDPE Black 1200mm x 950mm (50/pkt) 200/ctn CTN $36.36 $ 34.54
W1178 Bin Liner 240L HDPE Black 1450mm x 1150mm (50/pkt) 200/ctn CTN $55.96 $ 53.16
W1179 Bin Liner 72L LDPE Black 900mm x 760mm (25/rll) 250/ctn CTN $39.00 $ 37.05
W1180 Bin Liner 82L LDPE Black 960mm x 810mm (50/pkt) 250/ctn CTN $47.24 $ 44.87
W1181 Bin Liner 120L LDPE Black 1100mm x 950mm (25/rll) 200/ctn CTN $76.02 $ 72.22
W1182 Bin Liner 240L LDPE Black 1450mm x 1150mm (10/rll) 100/ctn CTN $57.62 $ 54.74